Sealing Slabs- An added care for the Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone slabs conjure spectacular beauty to the area installed. They bring about an everlasting look which can be cherished eternally. However, to make sure that the grace of the place remains intact one needs to pay special attention in the maintenance. Proper care while installation will ensure that you have an extraordinary tiling. An out and out design will compel you to appreciate the aroma which you would like to celebrate as long as ever. Thus caring becomes a necessity and at times, comes naturally.

Use of Sealers:

Sandstone comprises of grains of quartz and calcium carbonate which makes it porous in nature, thus incapable of resisting stains and dust. Therefore, with continuous exposure, the slab keeps losing its beauty which can be disheartening. Sealers are the best option available to get protection from the external environment hazards and reassure perfection in the slab. Sealers fill up the spores which prevents any sort of absorption.

However, forethought on using specially designed sealers can help in retaining the originality of the sandstone slabs. At times, some precision while selecting sealers can even enhance the beauty, i.e., magnify the glory to a larger extent.

A better alternative to the general sealers is a water based sealers. This further adds protection from any acidic hazards. These water based sealers are of good quality and very effective. They offer far better protection and hence add the factor of durability to the sandstone.

A precaution must be taken while cleaning sandstone slabs with sealant and that is they must not be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Not following guidelines and recommendations may reduce the effectiveness of the sealer.


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