Floor Tiles- Craving for the Natural Stone

The civilizations in the past heavily relied on natural stone tiles for floors, wall, and even displays. The architect then had no other option to go for, and this ignorance, ironically, led to some of the very stunning creations we see in the present times. The versatility of these tiles give them populous prestige.

Natural stone tiles are formed after undergoing millions of years of natural processes. They have a very good mineral composition which gives them the unique texture and color. What makes them even more appealing is the presence of veins. Veins, in geological terms, are finite volumes having distinct shapes filled with crystals of minerals, precipitated from fluids. The older the veins, the better.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

There are innumerable options to decide from, and one may definitely get the perfect natural stone tiles for the floor, still the below mentioned ideas have something to look upon!

Involving Mosaics:

While we think of installing natural stone tiles, we center around a particular type of stone- say limestone, not really considering going for a mix of two or more types of stones. This association of stones can gift us such attributes which won’t be found in nature. An entirely new color, texture, focal point, depth and display can do wonders to the space. Mosaics add a level of design sophistication, enhances it.


The rocks are extracted from the quarry after being cut in large slabs. The natural stone so obtained is of high preference and hence periodically maintained by resurfacing, regular sealing and re-polishing to avoid wear and aging on the surface. But the block has an even surface and thus needs some expert cutting and polishing. Book-matching is one such process where the geometric patterns are arranged so as to give a vivid and elegant look. But this ain’t some novice’s work. For a perfect and extraordinary display we require to identify the right stone and a very well chosen pattern. A perfect blend will anyways heighten the class.

Thus, some smartness and a wider think-tank can get you the perfect natural stone floor tile. Your say!

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