Sealing Slabs- An added care for the Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone slabs conjure spectacular beauty to the area installed. They bring about an everlasting look which can be cherished eternally. However, to make sure that the grace of the place remains intact one needs to pay special attention in the maintenance. Proper care while installation will ensure that you have an extraordinary tiling. An out and out design will compel you to appreciate the aroma which you would like to celebrate as long as ever. Thus caring becomes a necessity and at times, comes naturally.

Use of Sealers:

Sandstone comprises of grains of quartz and calcium carbonate which makes it porous in nature, thus incapable of resisting stains and dust. Therefore, with continuous exposure, the slab keeps losing its beauty which can be disheartening. Sealers are the best option available to get protection from the external environment hazards and reassure perfection in the slab. Sealers fill up the spores which prevents any sort of absorption.

However, forethought on using specially designed sealers can help in retaining the originality of the sandstone slabs. At times, some precision while selecting sealers can even enhance the beauty, i.e., magnify the glory to a larger extent.

A better alternative to the general sealers is a water based sealers. This further adds protection from any acidic hazards. These water based sealers are of good quality and very effective. They offer far better protection and hence add the factor of durability to the sandstone.

A precaution must be taken while cleaning sandstone slabs with sealant and that is they must not be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Not following guidelines and recommendations may reduce the effectiveness of the sealer.


Tiles- The Granite Beauty

While decorating home interiors or exteriors, one thing that surely stays stuck in our mind is that whether or not the tiling would look good. The designing is always done to ensure that the beauty of the house enhances, and in case it doesn’t happen so we can only cry in dismay. But a proper planning and refined thinking will nullify such chances of disappointment and give the house an outwardly brilliant look. Granite tiles, nowadays, are much into trend when it comes to tiling with elegance. The properties exhibited by such tiles outclass its counterparts comprehensively and stands unrivaled amongst them. Many natural stone, other than Granite, have successfully stood the test of time and showcased their class since time in memorial but the quality exhibited by granite tile is none less whatsoever. When we dig deep into the charisma of granite, we get the impression that this stone is truly worth a try.



Granite tiles can be very easily implemented on any residential or commercial project. With the essence of a true winner, its presence undoubtedly implies excellence. The benefits if installing them are discussed below:

  1. Easy Installation and budget friendly:Tiles made of granite are very easy to install. To add to it, they come in affordable budgets also. And in case one of the tiles gets damaged, a new one can be very easily installed over it again.
  2. Durability: It is one of the hardest materials available on Earth and hence durability comes very natural to it. This makes it long lasting and adds to its popularity.
  3. Appearance: Being a natural stone beauty is inevitable and it comes to it with a great appeal. Choosing granite tile would only become prudent if the appearance shines out magnificently leaving no stone unturned in flaunting its grace.
  4. Maintenance: With a very minimal regular cleaning, the charm of granite flooring remains intact. But spills must be cleaned immediately owing to the porous surface which can result in staining. Avoiding harsh and abrasive chemical cleaners is advised as a mixture of gentle dish detergent and warm water can help in getting rid of stain. The cleaning bit must be done with soft cloth.

A sealant is further advised to be applied on the granite tile flooring so as to provide added protection. Thus we have ample reasons to have granite flooring done in our house. Besides, we may also choose granite tiles for countertops as they provide excellent touch to the space.

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Reasons for using Sandstone from the Indian land

Indian sandstone is well renowned for its high quality and availability in abundance. Also striking is the affordable prices they come in. With an estimated one thousand million tons of geological reserves, India also has the privilege of producing the most marvelous sandstone which gives a royal look to the place installed and sets apart from other natural stone.

natural stone tiles

natural stone tiles

The extraordinary benefits exhibited by the Indian Sandstone can be compiled as—
1.An excellent absorbent:

The Indian Sandstone is a great fluid absorbent. This is a huge advantage and brings about a lot of difference characteristically when compared with other stones. It is also an instinctive sinkhole for crude oil sources.

2.Comparatively elastic:

The attribute of being supple expands the usage of the Indian Sandstone as it can also be used for constructing statues, fountains, chisels, pavements, etc.

3.Considerably hard:

The Indian sandstone is relatively harder compared to other stone and this makes it a preferred choice for construction of buildings.


They don’t really create a hole in your pocket. Even after being considered as the finest quality available, the sandstone from India is unbelievably cheaper. This may because of the rich supply.


The durability factor is a prime one and enriched with this property, the Indian sandstone takes a big foot forward.

Sandstone from India has very successfully survived the test of time and this longevity brings out their best character.

7.Versatility and Design:
They come in varied and attractive designs which give them an elegant look. The patterns and shades are unmatched. They bring out the exquisiteness and show an entirely luxurious glance.

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Stone- The Exquisitely Indian

India is among the largest producer of raw stone material which include marble tiles, granite, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and slate. Apart from the abundantly found ones, India also exhibits Laterite bricks, felspathic sandstone, basalt, khondelites, and felsite to name a few.

The aroma of stone and thus we can easily find imprints of historical importance among some architectural heritage across the country spanning the test of time for many centuries. The Taj Mahal,  and so many others to name, all natural stone marvels.

One key quality of the Indian Stone is that they are obtainable at a relatively lesser cost compared to the international rates. It is worth mentioning that the quality of these stones is far more superior to that available in the foreign countries. The only reason to be seen behind this is the climate.

The stone found in India has its unique property. One which won’t be found elsewhere. Thanks to the climatic variations. The richness in minerals further adds to the properties of such exquisite Indian Stone.

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Fancy the Marble! The Natural Stone Tile.

The most preferred natural stone when it comes down to revealing a piece of definitive artwork to showcase pivotal and expressive looks is Marble. The distinctive veining in marble tiles adds allure and hence it has been endured for ages. The semblance of artistry and elegance brought about by marble cannot be rivaled and hence it stands out among stones when decorative requirements are to be met. Along with its beauty, marble brings along durability too. Marble has a legacy in artifacts brilliance and monumental structures which withstood with the passage of time and are looked upon as human achievements. The Taj Mahal, The Lincoln Memorial, Trump Tower in the York City are viewed as an artistic statement.

marble tiles

marble tiles

Marbleis primarily derived from limestone. It undergoes further development deep in the earth over the course of millions of years, subjected to tremendous heat and pressure, and become re-crystallized. Marble tiles comes in a variety of colors– white, green, blue, black, pink, grey, brown and also gets a transformation with the different veins pattern, bringing out the notable significance.

With Marble, offering such variants of colors, surely ensures that it would give glorious grace to the space. But among all the colors and vein designs, White Marble stands out aesthetically. White Marble instantly reminds us of The Taj Mahal. This famous structure is an architectural icon, a memorable and literary artwork which has a refined and tasteful air in itself.

Characteristically speaking, Marble is quite fragile. This is because of the chemically unbalance mixture it inhibits. It reacts with acid highly and hence an extra care is recommended.

A blessed stone, Marble is a sure shot to provide us with brightness and luxury.

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Floor Tiles- Craving for the Natural Stone

The civilizations in the past heavily relied on natural stone tiles for floors, wall, and even displays. The architect then had no other option to go for, and this ignorance, ironically, led to some of the very stunning creations we see in the present times. The versatility of these tiles give them populous prestige.

Natural stone tiles are formed after undergoing millions of years of natural processes. They have a very good mineral composition which gives them the unique texture and color. What makes them even more appealing is the presence of veins. Veins, in geological terms, are finite volumes having distinct shapes filled with crystals of minerals, precipitated from fluids. The older the veins, the better.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

There are innumerable options to decide from, and one may definitely get the perfect natural stone tiles for the floor, still the below mentioned ideas have something to look upon!

Involving Mosaics:

While we think of installing natural stone tiles, we center around a particular type of stone- say limestone, not really considering going for a mix of two or more types of stones. This association of stones can gift us such attributes which won’t be found in nature. An entirely new color, texture, focal point, depth and display can do wonders to the space. Mosaics add a level of design sophistication, enhances it.


The rocks are extracted from the quarry after being cut in large slabs. The natural stone so obtained is of high preference and hence periodically maintained by resurfacing, regular sealing and re-polishing to avoid wear and aging on the surface. But the block has an even surface and thus needs some expert cutting and polishing. Book-matching is one such process where the geometric patterns are arranged so as to give a vivid and elegant look. But this ain’t some novice’s work. For a perfect and extraordinary display we require to identify the right stone and a very well chosen pattern. A perfect blend will anyways heighten the class.

Thus, some smartness and a wider think-tank can get you the perfect natural stone floor tile. Your say!

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Two Important qualities OF natural stone to make your home Beautiful

Natural stone tiles usually are tested through numerous implicit components.

1. Resistance from Weather Factors:-
This is the immediate follow-on from your earlier stone tile home. In contrast to a number of kinds of pure stone which have been artificially chemically made, pure stone tiles have an innate power to endure rough weather conditions. Rain, wind flow, sleet &snow suffered in Britain would certainly swiftly produce working hard for the artificial ‘stone’ tile.. A good indication of a reputable provider is going to be when they have got his or her exterior stone tile exhibits as well as, more desirable, in case his or her premises happen to be tiled in their gemstone. Any kind of stone you’re taking into consideration with an exterior must be able to endure most of these aspects. Our own exterior tile stone does endure these individuals & in some instances, like our own retrieved & reclaimed pure stone, happen to be withstanding these individuals for years and years…

stone tiles

stone tiles

2. Solidity & Strength
This is easier than you think to go into detail &when I really do, persons are generally a bit stunned by only just how uncomplicated this really is & just how, plainly hadn’t pointed out it, many people wouldn’t have got actually considered measuring it. Reliable signifies rock hard, virtually impossibly difficult in order to computer chip, the start or fracture. You may get a superb indication regarding exactly how solid some sort of stone tile will be after you select it in place. In the event you’re certainly not comfortable the actual gems you’re looking at might do this, generally demands the actual income admin in order to prove states regarding toughness & normal solidity. In the event there is absolutely no solidity or a person doesn’t receive any kind of impression by any means regarding frailty, after that it’s likely it’s an excellent tile. A sensible way to test drive it when you might put wellness & safe practices for the wind will be to find the biggest retracted you are able to & lower it from regarding 10 ft higher on to the actual tile. Needless to say, this is the well known retracted test out.